Priority Service Maintenance Program (PSMP)

Priority Service Maintenance Program Now that you have added a workhorse to your team, it is important that you keep your Isuzu truck serviced for the long haul. Our Priority Service Maintenance Program (PSMP) is a service program that is specifically designed for your Isuzu truck whether it has a gas or diesel engine. Our team has taken the guesswork out of what needs servicing by creating a plan that is diligent and in line with the manufacturer’s service requirements to give you peace of mind that everything is being covered. Adding PSMP to your purchase or lease also provides you extraordinary value over the rising costs of parts and labor. And just as important, it makes the servicing easy for you because your truck receives service priority at Isuzu dealerships and service centers nationwide.

Services Included

Isuzu’s Priority Service Maintenance Program covers the following scheduled maintenance services:

Diesel “A” Service

50 Point Service Procedures

10,000 Miles; 20,000 Miles; 40,000 Miles; 70,000 Miles; 80,000 miles


Download Vehicle Health Report, Oil / Filter Replacement, Fuel Filters Replacement, Rotate Tires, Driveshaft Flange Torque, Driveshaft Lubrication, King Pin Lubrication, Rear Spring Pad Lubrication

Diesel “B” Service

55 Point Service Procedures

30,000 Miles; 60,000 Miles; 90,000 Miles


Most Items Included in “A” Service PLUS Air Cleaner Filter Replacement, Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement, Automatic Transmission Fluid Change (N-Series Only), Air Compressor Inspection (F-Series Only)

Diesel “C” Service

60 Point Service Procedures

50,000 Miles


Most Items Included in “A” & “B” Service PLUS Valve Lash Adjustment, Engine Bolt Torque, Engine Coolant Replacement, Differential Oil Replacement, Steering Gear Box Torque

Diesel “D” Service

65 Point Service Procedures

100,000 Miles


Most Items Included in “A”, “B” and “C” Service PLUS, DPF Cleaning, DPF Pressure Sensor Adjustment, DPF Pressure Sensor Hoses, Automatic Transmission Fluid (F-Series Only), Automatic Transmission Filter (F-Series Only), Exhaust Injector, DEF Supply Pump Filter

(All services repeat at 10,000 Mile intervals after 100,000 miles as outlined above)